Unemployment among graduates

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Unemployment among graduates

In recent years, Malaysian fresh graduates have faced issues of unemployment, and it has become a known fact. As years go by, the number of unemployed youth has risen.

It gets much harder for an individual to apply for a job if he or she remains unemployed for a certain period of time. For the first time, we now have clear statistics of unemployment among youth, including those who have just recently graduated. Inthere wereyouths with higher education, and A report estimated that there were at leastunemployed graduates in Malaysiaand that number was predicted to rise.

That is usually the same case for fresh graduates. Your potential boss is looking for someone who is driven, proactive, creative, a risk taker and someone who is adaptable to change.

So, the best thing you could do for yourself in the long run is to at least do some part-time, volunteer or even an internship before getting something permanent.

Doing something productive during your spare time will not only benefit you but gain you some brownie points in the long run.

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Now you just want to curl up in bed and watch your whole life flashing right before your eyes. Okay, that was a tad bit too dramatic. You can, however, see if they mentioned when the job is posted and you can estimate how much time you have left to apply for the vacancy.


Thus, bear in mind to apply as soon as possible in order to secure your dream job! We know that calling Gen Y job-seekers entitled is overused and not fair.

Unemployment among graduates

By doing so we would be labelling 71 million people under 1 umbrella. The attitude of believing that you are the best candidate for the job without having the skills and experiences for the position is a little unrealistic considering how many people there are fighting for that one position.

Getting a high paying job takes time because we have to work our way up the ladder.

Graduate unemployment - Wikipedia

For the financial industry, entry level pays between RM1,—RM2, So, when you do go for your interview do not be surprised when they mention the salary. It pretty much sends the wrong message to a potential employer.

Be grateful for what is offered to you, because in the long run, you may just be promoted.Unemployment Among Graduates Essay Sample. Imagine you have just graduate and are now looking for a job.

You send letters and emails to related company and even go . As stated by the Department of Statistics Malaysia, the unemployment rates among fresh graduates have increased from 30% in to 34% in and national unemployment was % out of 14 million Malaysians in the labour market.

The unemployment rate is the percentage of persons in the civilian labor force Employment, Enrollment, and Debt Among College Graduates; , Employment and Enrollment Status of Baccalaureate Degree Recipients 1 Year After Graduation: , , and (Web Tables).

Graduates should have enough experiences, good attitudes and quality in term of employability skills and technical skills so that they will be employed and reduce the rate of unemployment among graduates. Unemployment Unemployment among youth rose by , from April to July , compared with an increase of , for the same period in The youth unemployment rate, at percent in July , was little changed from July The high share of unemployed and underemployed young college graduates and the share of employed young college graduates working in jobs that do not require a college degree underscore that the current unemployment crisis among young workers did not arise because today’s young adults lack the right education or skills.

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