The international military exchange programs between the us and israel

History[ edit ] The United States was the first country to recognize the newly founded state of Israel on 14 Mayimmediately following Israel's proclamation of independence.

The international military exchange programs between the us and israel

Charles Nolan, chief of the U. Army Mission to Colombia. Southern Command programs and U. Military Group efforts to develop critical Colombian army capabilities. One such exchange is going on in Tolemaida, the primary training center for the Colombian army and home to the Lancero School.

Julio Rivera is a guest instructor at the school after having completed the Lancero School himself last December. He now helps train about 80 students per three-month cycle. Lancero School is the first level of Colombian army special operations training and traces its roots to the U.

Rivera is also a Ranger and says that the Lancero School is very like Ranger training but the terrain where the schools train is quite different. They are both also physically challenging. During those three months, students learn irregular warfare operations in both jungle and mountain terrain.

They conduct water survival training; water obstacle crossings; survival training; air assault training; basic medical training; and receive training on human rights throughout all phases. As a foreign guest instructor, Rivera focuses on developing and improving course objectives, doctrine, and tactics, techniques and procedures with his Colombian army counterparts.

In addition to instructing at the Lancero school he also rotates between the jungle school, the high mountain school, the rope master course and shooting school committees within the Lancero School. He also acts as the subject matter expert and direct link to the U.

Military Group and U. Army Mission in Colombia for Lancero School issues. Rivera keeps up a busy schedule. I also instruct courses, serve as an assistant instructor and also as a safety officer during events.

He also advises and assists the staff during their day-to-day operations. Rivera is on an month unaccompanied tour but his family does visit him and the decision to take this assignment was a family one.

Southern Command provided funding for the establishment of the Sergeants Major Academy and continues to assist with its development. My efforts are focused on helping them establish a NCO corps that will earn the trust of their leaders, subordinates and soldiers to lead them through the tough fight they face.

Mendez said that his immediate family understands his mission in Colombia and understands the good the assignment is doing in the region.

Mendez plans to share the experience gained on this assignment with his leaders, peers and subordinates in future assignments.

The international military exchange programs between the us and israel

This relationship benefits both armies by strengthening each institution through the sharing of experiences and lessons learned.

Nolan said that the work that Rivera and Mendez are doing is very important to the success of the U. As Colombian military capacity grows, Colombia becomes a stronger regional and global partner capable of assisting the United States and other countries with military training and operations.U.S.

The international military exchange programs between the us and israel

law enforcement agencies took the Jewish state up on its expertise by participating in exchange programs sponsored by an array of pro-Israel groups, like the American Israel Public Affairs.

In June, the Law Enforcement Exchange Program brought 14 top level American police chiefs, sheriffs, and senior federal agents to Israel for a week-long program designed to strengthen American law enforcement counterterrorism practices by facilitating dialogue with and studying techniques used by their Israeli counterparts.

The Israel Navy has signed an agreement with the United States Naval Academy for a semester exchange program, the first time such an agreement has been reached. Shalom!

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Agreement for financing certain educational exchange programs. Friendship. DATE. AGREEMENT. Memorandum of Understanding Between The United States and Israel Regarding Prevention of the Supply of Arms and Related Materiel to Terrorist Groups and the United States acting through the United States international development regional.

Academic and educational collaboration between Israel and the US has been a cornerstone of their close relationship for many years. Israel is a leader in science and technology innovation, and many US higher education institutions have formed partnerships and joint ventures with Israeli universities, companies, and organizations.

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