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Linz serves as an important transport hub for the region of both Upper Austria and, to a lesser degree, southern Bohemia. Linz Airport lies about 14 kilometres 8. The airport can be reached easily via federal highways B and B1. The bus line connects the airport within 20 minutes with the centre of Linz.

Single mit kind urlaub osterreich

Hubbard Pages 6 - 16 The subject of the German Solbuch has been considerably under-researched in recent years.

Great moments on three ski mountains, three platforms and a rally

This article is intended to pick up where Eric Tobey left off in Die Neue Feldpost, Numbers 13 and 14 with the page by page breakdown of the quintessential document of the German Landser. In the style of the previous installments, this article is not meant to be a definitive work on the subject.

First pattern Soldbuchs seem to be pre production though the earliest books were only issued in the summer of upon mobilization by the notation on p. However, as with so many other items in the German Army, old stocks were almost assuredly used up rather than simply thrown away and these first pattern books have been known to be issued later on.

In fact, one example was found that was issued as late as The distinction that can be made from pages between first and second pattern is primarily that the earlier had only a single row of pre-formatted text whereas the latter has a second.

Some of these are fold out and double sided, some narrower strips, and a few even hand-written and hand-ruled. There was apparently great variation on how the addition of this could be handled if at all. No wonder they eventually switched to the two-column system!

In both first and second pattern books, the first column Grund in the earlier, Truppenteil in the latter seems to have been used in a number of ways depending on who was filling the entry out that day.

In many cases a unit designation is simply hand-written in. About as common is to see a unit designation block stamped in. This seems to be especially true when hospitals took responsibility for inspecting the equipment where the name of the corresponding hospital is block stamped here.

Single mit kind urlaub osterreich

The equipment lists were fairly self-explanatory. A number was written in the corresponding column to show how many of each item was issued or what the soldier was found with at the time of inspection. When an item an individual had was not listed, it would be hand written in one of the empty boxes in the top row.

Older entries were supposed to be cancelled out in red ink as newer ones were made but this did not always happen. Variations include blue or black ink or no cancellation at all. Page 8 This page was to record any special items of equipment issued to the soldier and was only filled out when applicable.

In first pattern books without pages 8a-d this would sometimes be used to record weapon issue. Other entries include special camouflage or uniform components not commonly found on the previous pages or, less frequently, unusual circumstances surrounding issued clothing if lost, traded in for an alternate, purchased privately, etc.

Farm Holidays

Pages 8a-d These pages are only found in second pattern books with the addition. However, there are documented examples of first pattern books where these pages were inserted, apparently printed separately for just this purpose rather than torn from a later second pattern book.

The first column of 8a-B lists in preformatted text the more common entries where 8c-d leaves blank boxes for hand written of stamped additions. Older entries were supposed to be cancelled in red ink and quite often are, with the usual sprinkling of odd colors or none at all.

Page 9 This page was used to record inoculations given to the soldier. Huge amounts of variations exist on this page and the author is far from fluent in medical terminology, but certain patterns can be noted from studying the frequency of entries in various books: It appears this inoculation was made within the first 3 months of enlistment.

In the top box, the date was entered. Follow-up inoculations were made roughly every 4 years. This was given on or very near the date of enlistment in a series of 3. In all books, the first 3-week series is written in the same handwriting and sometimes even the same ink.

The yearly follow-ups were NOT a series, but a single shot. In both books, inoculation began in June ofnearly 2 years after their enlistment. Both books had some sort of writing below the dosage, but unfortunately the script was either obscured or unintelligible.

Similar to the Ruhr entries, these inoculations begin in April ofnearly 2 years after their enlistment. The other book has the same series, but given randomly over a period of 2 years [ It is apparent that the Cholera immunizations were discontinued for some kind of combination inoculation beginning in as described earlier.Tolle Angebote für Singleurlaub mit Kind oder ohne finden Sie bei TUI.

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