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Add to favourites If you enjoy a challenge, can think on your feet and want to help people make better choices with their lives, consider a career as a probation officer As a probation officer, you'll manage offenders in order to protect the public and reduce the incidence of reoffending. You'll work with offenders in courts, in the community and in custody to make communities safer. Probation officers interact with offenders, victims, police and prison service colleagues on a regular basis.

Probation officer

It has all started to unravel faster for CRC contractors since the Parliamentary Report about the national probation scandal which, we have all endured to date.

From that we saw the recent directions and contract variations to all CRCs to return to some meaningful work in the restoration of one to one working. Already there are talks nationally of the Working Links Probation officer to find a few loopholes in that new direction.

That said, we understand these sorts of re negotiations are inevitable but at the short sides meeting NAPO are clear we want to see a return to proper offender focused working.

SSW branch have made it clear that we support all we can to adapt current staffing and processes to ensure DDC at least achieve this.

Probation officer

However, the unions are absolute that all terms and conditions will be protected and voluntary engagement to change staff roles will prevail from the flawed current call centre model. The Recent direction from MOJ is back to some form of case management that requires one to one working with the person.

This is Probation officer overdue and a real smack to the dissolution of years of expertise being dumped by private interest. In turn talks have opened up for the minimum service contacts MSC.

We are in agreement to support the process of expressions of interest as the first step to recruit staff properly to adapt, develop, or return to familiar ways of working with people than what we have seen under the so-called innovation of privatised working and their call centre coverall.

The problems yet to be resolved will include staff locations, numbers of staff, the backlog of cases, immediate take up of new cases, and training - all compounded by an organisation that has shrunk to a fraction with too much work. No agreement to date on caseloads and weightings, yet they carry on regardless.

In September Napo SSW submitted a large contribution from the branch on the consultation questionnaire. The MOJ put out a number of questions, not all of which are relevant for a consultation period, then half way through changed the game by adding questions.

It would have been smarter to extend the period too. In any case, I could not imagine anyone would be supporting the continued splitting of the service. Most people contributing to the survey will easily work out it is a ploy.

The full submission by the branch has been circulated and we wait to see what affect if any there might be.

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It was clear the plan was to influence the new contract not to stop the same errors. The current decline across all standards is breath-taking. Sadly, though this has a link to the NPS Pay deal. When we see the new contracts, I doubt it will build any confidence anywhere after the last 4 years of the spiral fast ride to the bottom.

Reduction of this contract out two years early cannot come soon enough but the real fears and concerns we have include the probation senior management and the difficulties they have faced in the contract years of working under the sheer excessive ebullience of the privateers.

We do not hear much of that talking up now. I can assure members that Napo is aware of many factors that encourage us to support the senior management team, as we all start looking at what the new transition arrangements are going to become. It will impact on them as much as any staff and we cannot predict what we will all face post the consultation influences.

Larger areas will likely mean more rationalisation. Meaning more profits potentials. At our meeting in Cardiff the lead for Justice stated that the Working Links board have met and decided to pay the entitlement some 7 months late.

We had thought the threat of charging the interest on the belated money might have had a part to play. However, when the arrangement was communicated in writing to the union sides the management had taken out of the increase a small number of staff who had a cost of living rise based on pay scales earlier in the year.

Members will realise what a PR disaster and penny-pinching approach to staff salaries this was and what a derisory attitude from the Working Links way. In all fairness a few heavy end criticisms and some pretty fast e mails exchanged saw Dawn Blower head of justices make a case to include those staff for the entitlement than just see the lowest paid end up on a time marking lost award.

All credit to Dawn Blower we had not expected her immediate intervention to resolve the latest tension and yet she managed to ensure that money is now committed to our hard-pressed staff.

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It is fairly clear to most people in this industry what damage this will do to working relations across the organisation. The need to grab back all the essential duties based on cost just illustrates what sort of financial constraints they are trying to deliver their targets under.

Some of us do not actually believe they are genuinely trying to deliver anything at all other than to get the contract taken off them. We all know that MOJ will squeeze blood from a stone to keep this flagship fiasco afloat.

It is no joke when we are all aware the Working Links financial director is consulted on every expense more than 20 quid! They have ordered a zero-white goods replacement and all products that may be ordered have to be none brand names and the cheapest option.

There is a tactical delay in paying staff expenses as I have received several complaints and disability related payments for staff also. Any attempts to claw back running costs only hasten the decline of the services.

What happened to all the spouting and pouting of private enterprise innovation managing millions of pounds of public monies.By taking the time to understand you could find the common ground.

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Train to be a Probation what you could achieve. Hear my story. The new sentence was opposed by Philadelphia's district attorney at the time and Meek's probation officer. — Erin Jensen, USA TODAY, "Meek Mill, Miguel debut powerful song 'Stay Woke' at BET Awards," 25 June Judges and probation officers weren’t supposed to use unlicensed rehabs such.

Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists provide social services to assist in rehabilitation of law offenders in custody or on probation or parole.

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Probation and parole officers play a role in the criminal justice systems by supervising offenders released from prison or sentenced to non-custodial sanctions such as community some jurisdictions probation and parole officers are involved in presenting reports on offenders and making sentencing recommendation to courts of law.

By managing offenders in the community, our Probation Officers protect the public from the effects of crime and give offenders the chance to turn their lives matter your background or level of experience, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference .

The National Probation Service works with around 30, offenders a year, supporting their rehabilitation while protecting the public. It is not an easy job but it is a rewarding one with variety, training and the chance to turn people’s lives around.

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