Learner analysis students interest

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Learner analysis students interest

Learner analysis students interest

History of Interest in the Visual-Spatial Learner History of Interest in the Visual-Spatial Learner Analysis of psychometric patterns and clinical observations led to the development of the visual-spatial construct in Four months later, it was incorporated into a model for training engineering professors and was presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

It is the most cited paper in the field of engineering education, and the model is still widely used in that field. Three papers based on the concept were published in Silverman presented the concept in Singapore in when she was invited by the Ministry of Education.

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She was also invited to speak on the topic in Hobart, Tasmania in Silverman was asked to give a keynote address on the visual-spatial learner at the South Dakota Association for Gifted Children Conference. Inthe state of Missouri created a videotape on the concept directed at teachers in all subject areas K that was televised by satellite to school districts throughout the state.

Learner analysis students interest

In that same year, an interdisciplinary team was brought together at the Gifted Development Center to create an instrument to identify these children. Self-Report resulted from several years of volunteer work by this committee. A preliminary study was conducted in with 65 students thought to be visual-spatial learners and their parents or teachers; the results were entered into a database.

With the generosity of the Morris S. Smith Foundation, the first validation study of the instrument was undertaken in The Independent Schools Association invited Dr. The construct was part of an invited address for the International Council for Exceptional Children in April, The paper was published in a monograph on gifted children with learning disabilities Silverman, Also inDr.

Silverman was invited to speak on the topic in Adelaide, Australia. It appeared in the Proceedings of that conference Silverman, She also conducted inservice training workshops for the Education Department of Hong Kong that included the visual-spatial learner concept.

Silverman to address their groups. Silverman delivered a series of lectures on the topic in Melbourne, Sydney, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Lithgow, Australia. In May,Dr.

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Silverman was invited to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to present on this topic for the national Hollingworth Center Conference on the Highly Gifted. From to the present date, the presentations on the concept have been too numerous to list.Is there really a Latino education crisis, or is it just a passing phenomenon attributable to recent high immigration?

If there is a crisis, what are its dimensions and what has caused it? What are some of the policies that we must consider to effectively address the crisis? With respect to college.

When we intentionally respond to the diverse needs of our students, we are differentiating the product, process or content of learning according to the learning style, interest or readiness of our students.

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