Chinese and american wedding

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Chinese and american wedding

Pin1 18 Shares Are you headed to a Chinese wedding this summer, either as a guest or as a member of the wedding party? Ling-Mei Wong, editor of the Sampan Newspaperdraws from her own personal experience to help you know what to expect, whether the wedding is here in the United States or abroad.

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Four differences between Chinese and American weddings By Ling-Mei Wong My wedding took place nearly three years ago, which was one of the happiest days of my life. We had two events: Here are four differences between Chinese and American wedding customs that I learned through my experience.

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Wedding-related costs My American girlfriends lament about being in the wedding party, as bridesmaids generally pay for their own dresses, hair, makeup and airfare. Not so for a Chinese wedding! When I was a bridesmaid for two Chinese friends, my dress, alterations and makeup were included, along with a red pocket.

This is not so much to reimburse your wedding party like an expense report, but more a goodwill gesture. Banquets Dinner for an American wedding is typically a three-course affair with an appetizer, entree and wedding cake.

Chinese and american wedding

For a Chinese wedding banquet, expect to see at least 10 courses of food. And there was still cake at the end, too! Cash gifts, not registry gifts Cash is king in Chinese culture. We exchange envelopes of it for Chinese New Year and the same red envelope is a most practical wedding gift.

In the States, giving cash is generally considered tacky. Chinese couples in the States may set up a registry for guests unfamiliar with red envelopes.

The amount of cash should be enough to cover the banquet meal. Guest list length An American wedding with more than guests is considered a large affair. For Chinese weddings, the newlyweds can expect easily twice as many people. I was a bridesmaid at a wedding with guests, with the bride and groom toasting each banquet table all night long.

At least the newlyweds ate first!

5 things you should know about Chinese Wedding traditions and customs!

Chinese culture is family-focused and a wedding is about including as much family as possible. Weddings are a time to celebrate the couple and their heritage. For my wedding, we had a mix of Chinese and American customs — I wore white and dutifully gave red envelopes to my wedding party.

For traditional Chinese families, a fortune teller may be consulted to find lucky wedding dates on the lunar calendar, which may fall on weekdays instead of weekends.This picture book is an adorable peek into a Chinese-American wedding, which combines many elements of both cultures- symbolic gifts are given, special foods eaten, and traditional outfits worn, but flower bouquets are tossed and guests feast on an American-style wedding cake.

Traditional Chinese marriage is a ceremonial ritual within Chinese societies that involve a marriage established by pre-arrangement between families.

Wedding Invitation: Wedding Invitation The wedding invitation is printed invitation specially made for a couple to be married, which is long-standing in Chinese history. The color of the invitation is usually bright red, with the date and time of wedding ceremony and dinner printed on it.

Feb 04,  · Chinese wedding and American wedding have many differences, the Asian brides more like integrated Chinese and American wedding. China has a long history, since ancient times, the marriage is to follow quite a lot of complicated red tape.

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Chinese and american wedding

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Chinese and American Wedding Traditions PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides- The Proposals. Betrothal. Jeremy gave his girlfriend of three years a love ring to show his true love, and his intent of. betrothal.. Betrothal. A mutual promise to marry.

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