An analysis of the failure of politicians

Trump is in the Right Veterans Affairs once represented everything wrong with big government. Where career politicians failed, President Trump succeeded in keeping his promise made to those who have served our country. President Trump has created real change within one of the most inept and deficient agencies in government. Thanks to President Trump, they will no longer have to.

An analysis of the failure of politicians

Leadership, Politics, and Social Change: Nigeria and the Struggle for Survival By Victor Dike Abstract To lead a multi-ethnic society while remaining committed to democratic principles or norms is an uphill task. This is because incorporating several ethnic groups into a single political system means bringing together the basic problem of ethnic conflict as well.

Group loyalties dividing a multi-ethnic society can, and do undermine, a common identity, national culture, or consensus on democratic values. Nigeria is a nation of many ethnic and religious groups; and for this, governing the society is an enormous job. Given the presence of politically assertive ethnic groups, the stability and survival of the present democratic politics depends on how the leader controls the potential ethnic disputes that would result.

Introduction Change is ubiquitous in any society, particularly in that which strives to fulfil human needs. And it takes a committed leadership to accomplish a propitious change in a society.

There has been the shift from regions to states, from farms to cities, from agriculture to industries, and now power shift from the north to the south. These changes have not been for the benefit of the common man.

Only those in the corridor of power have gained from those with multiplicity of riches, while the ordinary citizens have remained in wallowing penury. In other words, the masses have been preoccupied with the struggle for daily survival. Since independence inthe nation has mostly been under the claws of the military.

The dominance, predominance, and prolongation of military rule in Nigeria combined with corruption to undermine due process, the rule of law, transparency, accountability, and efficiency in government.

But the people have rightly rejected the military, with the election of a civilian president who assumed leadership of the nation on May 29, The military failed because it was repressive, corrupt, and undemocratic. The euphoria in the nation now is crucial to the understanding that the present democratic undertaking will succeed.

Democracy will increase the role of the ordinary people in the system, and the irrepressible struggle of the people to humanize the society. Political democracy should remain our goal, because with it as the explicit goal Nigeria would attain her goals. President Olusegun Obasanjo should employ the democratic principles to improve the living conditions of the deprived group, and re-integrate into the society those who have been excluded from the economic and political system by the many years of military rule.

The poor who have carried the baggage for so long deserve a break.


However, if nothing else would make us behave the threat of soldiers planning a comeback should. And in case one is not aware of it, we are being challenged. Despite the recent positive actions by the civilian administration, it is still dark inside and Nigeria is waiting for the dawn.

One option is self-critical leadership, good governance, and transparency in state activities. Leadership Before delving into the issue of leadership, it is necessary to make certain what a "leader" is.

This is because each writer has defined leadership from a different perspective. No matter the angle from which the definition of leadership is viewed, a leader is one who exerts unusual influence and considerable power. According to McFarland, a leader "is one who makes things happen that would not happen otherwise.

If the leader causes changes that he intended, he has exercised power, but if the leader causes changes that he did not intend or want, he has exercised influence, but not power" MacFarland,pp. Sidney Hook shares a similar view as McFarland. In his work, The Hero in History, Hook depicted a heroic leader as one who makes things happen that ordinarily would not have happened.

Obviously, students of leadership would share the views of Hook and McFarland, that the prerequisites of leadership are influence and power. Accordingly, a person who is endowed with these qualities in the context of a group, community or nation has the personality of a leader Kofele-Kale,p.You have to credit our authors.

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choice of voters II. legislative decisions by politicians an analysis of market failure and government failure indicates.

An analysis of the failure of politicians

An analysis of market failure and government failure indicates is frequently enacted, even though the overall benefits to society are less than the overall costs to society Pork-barrel legislation typically bundles the pet projects of several special interest groups.

Michael Campbell's MoneyTalks Radio show on the Corus Radio Network. Financial commentary of stocks, equities, real estate, and commodities such as gold, silver, and other precious metals. It is easy to demagogue universal pre-K, and Democratic politicians are doing so everywhere.

But before we start a new entitlement that will never die, we should evaluate what we have now.

An analysis of market failure and government failure indicates is frequently enacted, even though the overall benefits to society are less than the overall costs to society Pork-barrel legislation typically bundles the pet projects of several special interest groups. Cluster was a constellation of four European Space Agency spacecraft which were launched on the maiden flight of the Ariane 5 rocket, Flight , and subsequently lost when that rocket failed to achieve orbit. The launch, which took place on Tuesday, 4 June , ended in failure due to multiple errors in the software design: Dead code (running, but purposeful so only for Ariane 4) with. Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more.


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